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I'm half Native American (Blackfoot) and I live on an island in the Florida Keys. I like to train dogs, most currently my German Shepherds, Pyrate and Raina, and puppies belonging to whoever wants help. I have achieved a Rally Novice title and CGC with Raina so far as well as a CGC with Pyrate and am currently working on learning the Rally Advanced exercises. I also have 5 cats as well as the 2 dogs. The only TV show I watch regularly is NCIS, but I used to watch Yugioh with my daughter and that is how I got involved in Duel Monsters, the card game which created my screen name. I enjoy taking pictures of my dogs and nature and also use a Flip video to video interesting things. When I'm working, I'm the office manager,biller,transcriptionist for 8 psychologists and I do most of that from home. I have a concealed weapons permit because I want to protect my dogs and my daughter. When I'm not working or doing any of the other stuff I like, spending a quiet afternoon on the boat or at the beach just hanging out on the ocean is my idea of a great day.